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The Bumbleblog

Welcome to my blog!

Here, I just talk about significant events in my life, nothing special... But thanks for dropping by!

  1. ORAS: Final Thoughts

    So I just finished the Delta Episode on AS, which means I've made it through both games. So I'm dedicating this blog post to, well, putting down all my thoughts on ORAS into words. So, uh, spoilers ahead, and I apologize if this all doesn't flow right.
  2. Advanced Notice of Exodus! Word Salad Title?!

    I'll be going offline tomorrow at around noon and shall not return until I beat Omega Ruby and make decent progress in Alpha Sapphire. I'll still be around until then, but just in case.

    @Gafigglethorp; On the off chance I don't get to talk to you by then, I love you and I'll miss you. ;~;
    @Eleven; @Xita; @Gaga; @Leggo; Gafigglethorp ...
  3. Top five favorite and least-favorite Megas

    Beware, opinions ahoy.


    4. ...
  4. Love

    A few months ago, I realized I had a crush on someone here. I was too afraid to tell them, but soon after, they confessed to me! We've mostly just talked through PMs since we were uncomfortable with revealing our relationship at large--presently only a few of our closest friends are aware we're a couple--but we've recently decided that it'll be okay to announce it, so without further ado...

    @Markos; You rock, babe~
  5. Holy crap, man

    Look what I just found (and traded for) on the GTS.

    Hax? Without a doubt.

    Worthless? Hell naw. I'm keepin' her.
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