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  1. First message, Fanfic, and other things I have been thinking about...

    So hello ppl I guess this is how you do a blog. I guess I can let you guys have your pic at my fanfic here. Well I would like to warn tho, there might be spoilers in my blog.

    Well the regulator was an idea I had a long time ago, making a possible 3 or more volumes, including the first, origins which would follow Tom's first adventure (ill let you guys wonder where), and another journey with Troy. Other journeys could also be made with Troy ultimately challenging Tom for the title. ...
  2. XCD Protagonists Pt. 3

    This should be the last group for now. There'd be spoilers otherwise. Please comment and give opinions.

    Iris Alexandria
    Gender: Female
    Age (Beginning of story): 12
    Height: 4' 10"
    Weight: 96 lbs.
    Birthdate: March 6
    Birthplace: Village of Dragons; identifies Soryu City, Isshu, New York, USA as current hometown
    Hair Color: Violet
    Eye Color: Maroon
    Skin Color: Coffee
    Build: Slender to average
    Other Distinguishing ...

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  3. 4 day late Bulbaversary

    Self explanatory.

    I been here for 2 years now.
    Spiritual Flare
  4. Note to self when buying food for the family

    It's really fucking expensive, even with coupons. No matter the cause, like a parent's birthday.

    That is all.
  5. One simple change the GTS must have

    (Mwahahaha, bandwagoner I am not!)

    Actually, there could be two different options: either allow event legends to be traded away, or just don't allow for people to request the damned things in the first place! It's one thing for these people to ask for unfair trades, where they can still be removed eventually. It's another to allow them to ask for the impossible, and thus trapping hundreds of Pokemon on the GTS and forcing reasonable searchers to sift through mountains of crap to find ...
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