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Musings of a Swamp Man

Calling all Goths!

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Hello, hello, fellow Bulbagardeners! I'm happy to announce the opening of a new group, dedicated to Goths, and the gothic subculture known as the Gothic Society. I'd like any and all fellow Darklings to come and take a look. Maybe even join, and have a good time?

Hmm... I seem to have nothing else to talk about. Good.

I've been thinking about writing a new fanfic, maybe to help motivate me write more. My current one is, well, sinking in the forums. ._.

I'd love to have SOMETHING to entertain you, the small amount of people who read my blog. But sadly, I have nothing to offer at this time. ;-;

Anyway, if you're interested, please take a look at my group. I hope to see you there. <3

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  1. Magnetic Eyes's Avatar
    I'm not a goth but I know a lot about gothic subculture, can I join anyway?


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