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  1. whats so good about fire emblem

    I know millions of the people on here have played the games and are in love with it and im wondering how is the game better then other games of the same genre ie Dragon quest and FF like whats so great about it and why should I buy Fates?
  2. Five games im looking forward to, not in order

    by , 7th August 2015 at 11:11 PM (Musings of a Collegiate Caffeine Addict)
    1. Fire Emblem Fates

    2. Mass Effect Andromeda

    3. Fallout 4

    4. Halo 5

    5. Super Mario Maker.
  3. 5 Most Anticipated Games

    Guess Ill join the trend. My list will only contain games confirmed for the west and have a release window in the foreseeable future. Not in any particular order either.

    #5. Yo-Kai Watch - Love the whole yo-kai lore and the Pokemon esq aspect of it.

    #4. Tales of Zesteria - Almost the entire Tales franchise is amazing and this one looks even better then the others. The whole Human Seraphim conflict is a particular story line I love and I'm excited to see a new take on
  4. 5 Games I'm looking forward to in the future

    Other people did it, time to join the train too!
    #5: Dai Gyakuten Saiban(Great Ace Attorney)
    Capcom still hasn't announced a US/EU release date yet, but I'm hoping they might due to how well Dual Destinies has done. I haven't read the reviews yet, but it seems to be a solid title in the franchise.
    #4: Super Mario Maker
    The idea of creating Mario levels has been a passion of mine, even trying out those Level Editors and making small ROM hacks to create them, this is coming ...

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  5. Was anyone else expecting a Jirachi event after ORAS?

    There are two Pokemon missing from my 'living' Pokedex.

    Jirachi and Shaymin.

    I could trade for them but for some reason shortly before BW came out, after my last proper run of HG/SS, I decided that my Pokedex should be completed with Pokemon I have actually caught myself, in my own save files, or event Pokemon I have physically collected myself.

    The two missing Pokemon represent what was always so great about the Pokemon series to me - I might never 'catch ...
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