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Planning a Trip to Japan.

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Oh man, I haven't visited the Forums for quite sometime now. But anyways, I wanted to share something that I began to plan out. Basically, I am planning to visit Japan, possibly next year or sometime in the future. The reason why I plan to visit Japan is because of Anime. Not just that, I also remembered a sentence that I said when I was a kid. I said, "I wish I could go to Japan someday." Because my sister went to Japan for 2 Months to study and my mom showed me the pictures of her in Japan. That's when I had that dream of visiting Japan someday.

Not too long ago, I went back to Guam for a re-entry since I'm allowed to stay outside of the U.S for Six Months. I looked around for my Japanese Papers/Books from 8th Grade so I could start practicing ahead of time. So I did and brought It home with me to start Reviewing my notes again. It feels different to not have a teacher to help you teach, but I do have a classmate who is from Japan so I could always ask her anytime. OR, I could always use the Internet, but Its not always that great. Because I would prefer to have someone with me to teach me Japanese.

Then recently, I've began to research more about Japan. Because in order to make this trip a very smooth process, you might want to research about the Country's transportation system, Hotels, Food, Tourist spots, Language, the DOs and DON'T, etc; I haven't progressed far yet in my research, but of course, I still have a long way before I can finalize the day I am going to Japan. Budget is also another important factor when I plan to go to Japan. At least between $300-800+ should be good enough to last for a week. To save on cash, I have to look into Seasons where less people fly to Japan which would mean, lower ticket cost vs. high Season, which becomes expensive. I also have to find out what Flight companies offer a decent price for back and fourth to Philippines/Japan as well the destination.

Anyways, If any of you have visited Japan before, would you kindly at least post your Personal Experience?

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