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Christmas Almost here<3

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by , 16th December 2012 at 08:06 AM (823 Views)
As of typing this blog (8:57 PM 12/16/12 GMT +08:00) 9 MORE DAYS TILL' CHRISTMAS

~BTW, I hope It doesn't annoy you when I constantly add Anime Pics in my blog. I just want It to feel like a Article you reading~ XD

Well yes, Christmas is around the corner. Good news is, this week is the final week. Got exams coming this Wednesday and Thursday then Friday is our Christmas Party at school and after that, ITS FUCKING CHRISTMAS BREAK! :D

Next Monday, our family is going to have a HUGE Christmas party and I was given an assignment to prepare a Christmas Playlist. I guess I'm going to start this week. Haha, procrastination is something that always happens to me~

Meanwhile, this is what I'll probably get or gonna get for Christmas.
1. I need to buy a WD Blue Scorpio 250 GB for my Xbox 360 4 GB Slim. Not going to pay $100 to Microsoft for the damn Hard Drive and instead hack the WD Blue Scorpio.

2. 1 or 2 Xbox 360 games (AC3 and Max Payne 3)

3. My friend is giving out a 3 MONTH or 1600 MSP cards for our group. So I asked him for the MSP since I want to change my GT. Also, buy the Crimson Halo 4 Map Pack which cost 800MSP.


5. Clothes (I do hope I do get awesome T-Shirts) :D

Heh, I don't know what else~ XD
But I'm really excited for Christmas. How about you guys?

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