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An Afternoon in Urgent Care: The Flu Shot and One Fun Elderly Woman

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I woke up around 11am this morning to my Mum shaking me awake telling me my school had emailed her saying that each student is required to get a flu shot. I crawled out of bed and got dressed, grabbed my wallet, phone and keys and walked out the door to the local hospital to get my shot.

I've never been a fan of shots ever since I gave blood about two years ago to be tested for mononucleosis, or mono. The woman made a mistake when taking blood and she slipped and took too much blood and as a result I passed out at the sight of blood running down my arm. Definitely a memory I'm not too fond of. So going in this morning, to the same emergency room I had given blood in before, wasn't something I was excited to do.

Anyway. I walked in to the urgent care and sat down in the waiting room behind maybe three or four other people, all of whom were elderly. Now normally I'm the one to start a conversation with others, but having just rolled out of bed, my hair a mess and iPhone in hand, I wasn't as keen. I pulled up an app and started scrolling through Twitter, Facebook, and the like. Something a typical teenager would do, right? Well as the minutes passed one of the elderly women sat down next to me and tried to initiate a conversation, about her granddaughter nonetheless. I'm sure her granddaughter was attractive like this woman claimed her to be, but I wasn't interested in talking to a woman I don't know about her granddaughter who I don't know, either. Thankfully the woman at the counter called my name to fill out paperwork, so I gladly took the exit and walked up to the counter.

I went back to the waiting room and sat down in a seat by its own and filled out the paperwork. But as I looked up and scanned the room, full of sick elderly, I felt bad. Not because I pitied any of these men or women, but because they sat there quietly in what to me seemed like a lonely state. I mean, it really made me think not about death, but aging, getting older, becoming outdated, or worst of all, forgotten. I can't imagine reaching a time in my later life where many of my friends have died or my generation is nearing its end, and I spend my days socializing with strangers in an urgent care waiting room, where I might be tickled enough by talking to a young individual with a device that wasn't around when I was his or her age. Or when I get home my company is the TV blaring Wheel of Fortune and my cat. The thought is a strange and foreign one but in time we'll all be there.

I walked back up to the counter and handed the woman my information, and then headed back to the waiting room. But instead of sitting back down to myself, I sat next to the elderly woman who had tried to strike up a conversation earlier. I asked her about her granddaughter more and she was excited to tell; and to my surprise this woman's granddaughter is a friend of my ex-girlfriends. A really sweet girl (and attractive, too, might I add). We talked until I was called in to get my shot (which was painless and quick), and as I walked out she waved to me and wished me good luck in school.

I guess in the end aging is okay. It's natural, and try all I might I can't escape it; but the idea of submitting to age is a humbling one. That being said I'm ready to experience the rest of my life, but I'm in no rush. And hopefully when the time comes where I'm sitting in an urgent care room getting a flu shot of my own, trying to talk to a young man with an iPhone20, or whatever comes out next, I'll have lived a life that I'm proud to share with him.

Who knows? Bring it on, age.

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  1. Robin Storm's Avatar
    Getting older hm? Well it doesn't sound like something I want but youre right. All of us can't escape getting older. I'm glad that I'm still fourteen. If I'm old I am going to do things I Always wanted to do.. Like.. going to the beach. Dancing. Singing. Being myself. Swimming. Great things about when you are old is the memories and youre experience. To be honest this message made me really happy! I am going to do GREAT things in my life!! I hope you get a great life! Like I am going to do!!
  2. Beck's Avatar
    Good for you! I'm nineteen so I have a few years on you, but in the long run it's of little difference. The past five years of my life, and your next five, aren't the easiest, but they account for so much, so make them worthwhile! Good luck to you, too!


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