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  1. Well, the medicine seems to be working

    Though semi polyphasic sleep is now happening. Still, had a nice long period of sleep last night, so I say that's a win.
  2. 60 Days of Zelda, Part One: Top Ten Games #7

    Continuing the first of six top ten lists counting down the best of the best in The Legend of Zelda, we reach #7 in the category of Top Ten Games.

    #7: The Legend of Zelda

    What countdown of the best Zelda games would be complete without the one that started it all? The Legend of Zelda for the NES is a true classic of gaming, a
  3. These new HOME Menu themes for the 3DS are nice.

    I just downloaded the software update for this new setting. I wasn't expecting it to come out this soon in the month--maybe Nintendo rushed it since Sony has already released their Playstation Vita themes update?

    I was going to complain about Nintendo wanting me to spend a couple dollars just for a new theme, but then I remembered that I spent four bucks on DLC just so my main character could have new clothes to wear in the game. Even sadder is that the clothes were purely aesthetic ...
    Nintendo 3DS
  4. The very best.

    Despite being an avid fan of the games for more than half my life, I only recently recognized or understood the concepts of EV's (effort values). Up until recently, EV's weren't exactly easy to control, unless you kept track of every EV gain per KO of enemy and did a crapton of algebra, and they were a thing that the games never really explicitly mentioned that existed. However, thanks to XY's Super Training, EV training's become far more accessible and easy to understand, with a visual chart and ...

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    Thoughts on Pokemon
  5. Ebola: A Possible Worldwide Epedemic

    Well it`s been a total of 10 months and still no hope to stop the Ebola virus conflict in West Africa. For those of you are to ignorant to know what the Ebola virus is, it`s a virus named afterthe Ebola river in Africa. What`s a virus? Well here`s my explanation to little kids: They`re tiny transformers. TRANSFORMERS! MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE! TRANSFORMERS! ROBOTS IN DISGUISE! Sorry I get carried away. So, they are little Transformers that make you sick. So they`re little Decepticons. Examples of ...

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