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Greece Likes Rainbows

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by , 6th August 2012 at 10:22 AM (172 Views)
I didn't make this post just so I could type in rainbows!


K we all know that's a lie, but I like RAINBOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I still balme Exor

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  1. Yato's Avatar
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    How do you make all the letters rainbowed? Do you color all the letters manually???
  2. Greece's Avatar
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    Oh no your highness, that would take far to long.

    xor gave us this website to use when he forced us all to talk in rainbows for a day. May we fill the forum with rainbows
  3. Karamazov's Avatar
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    Test. Test.

    <font color='#FF0059'>Ra</font><font color='#FF4100'>in</font><font color='#FEC100'>bo</font><font color='#A1FF00'>ws</font><font color='#00FE00'> a</font><font color='#00FFA1'>re</font><font color='#00C1FF'> s</font><font color='#0041FF'>hi</font><font color='#5900FF'>t.</font>

    Sorry for being mean, rainbows. :<
  4. Greece's Avatar
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    I forgot to say that you have to switch it to BB code, sorry!


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