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Darn water types :I

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by , 21st October 2012 at 08:13 PM (358 Views)
I was playing White 2 and was planning on getting a Tirtouga, but Joltik told me I can't get it till post game >:/ I can't go the whole game with out a water type, So I was just looking for some input on whether I should get a different water type or an HM slave. Any input is appreciated guys!

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Updated 7th November 2012 at 05:15 PM by Greece

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  1. Karamazov's Avatar
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    If you want, I can breed you one tomorrow.
  2. Wishmaker Jirachi's Avatar
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    To tell you the truth, I just used my Mew for HMs when it came time to end the game at the Pokémon League =|

    Up until that point, though, I had used my Keldeo for Surf! For in-game Pokémon, I would recommend Basculin if you wanted to Surf, Waterfall and Dive.
  3. Winterdaze's Avatar
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    Stunfisk. It can use Surf.
  4. Feralize's Avatar
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    Buizel/Floatzel are adorable and can surf.
  5. Lugion's Avatar
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    I used Golduck.


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