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Conventions are fun!

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So for the past two days I've been going to Otakon, and I just got back, and I've had a blast while there. I Went to some interesting panels and me and my buddies bought some merchandise. My rich friend and her rich cousin bought the last two mangas for hetalia and season four of hetalia. I got a small Luke, from tales of the abyss, phone charm but I put it on my 3Ds, a small shiny Umbreon charm and a picture of Kaito holding ice cream.

What was really cool was when I found some people that had 'Screw the Rules I have Green Hair' T-shirts, and they told us that LittleKuriboh was there. They took us to the shop and we got to meet him. My friend but us a littlekuriboh yu-gi-oh cards and we had him sign them. I had him Prank Call my sister who didn't go to the convention, the conversation went a little something like this:

LK (in a Mokuba voice): Hey Is this Joltik? I don't think she'd want her real name in her
I've been kidnapped again.
This time it was by these people called Erin and Nedra.
Are you just going to giggle?
Because that would be very mean.
Big Brother won't save me he says the ransom is too high.
They want a million dollars and a life time supply of (XXXX)
Joltik: It might take me a couple of hours.
LK: I can wait that long.
Why do you keep giggling?

Well that's what I remember any ways.

We also went to 'It's a squee world' Sing along it was awesome! :)

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