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Darkrai's Dream

The World We All Love

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by , 20th September 2012 at 07:56 PM (440 Views)
A while ago, I talked about the world known as Internet. Now, I'm gonna talk about a world that almost all of us wish we could go to...

The World of Reality and the World of Anime differ immensely. One thing about the World of Anime is that lifestyles here are vastly different. Mythical creatures, Youkai, Ayakashi, and demons are often seen. Using various Magicks against them is very common, as is using weapons that have long since been proven obsolete. Same-sex romance and ecchi moments are very common sightings, despite being thought of as unusual, wrong, abnormal, etc. Sadly, this world comes with the ever-present abundance of perverts. This means that high school girls, as their uniforms usually require miniskirts, are unsafe almost anywhere.

All that aside, appearance is a very different thing, too. Unlike the World of Reality, most females here are attractive. Some are cute, some are beautiful, and some are a special, morbid kind of attractive. Males are almost always seen with messy hair that goes everywhere. Hair in this world can be any color, and can be very long if grown out. Humans have two appearances that they can use. One is the usual appearance. In the other, the eyes become huge and lose a great amount of detail, while the head increases size drastically, and the body decreases size drastically, resulting in the person becoming significantly shorter. The hands become the shape of spheres, and their ears lower in placement.

Humans' face anatomy is incredibly different from the World of Reality, though it might not be all that interesting. Eyes have much different properties here. They vary in size, and can be enormous. The front appears to be flat, or very slightly curved, with an oversized iris. The eye socket itself is different, too. It has a larger side wall as to let only the front of the eye be seen. The nose is very pointy and somewhat triangular. Most people have very thin blood vessels in their nose, resulting in nosebleeds when their heart rate increases due to the occurrence of a perverted event. Teeth are pretty different, too. They are simply two curved bars of tooth material that span the mouth. Vampire teeth have spikes in them. A good kick in the jaw sometimes breaks off a squarish part of tooth, leading to the theory that they may be perforated.

Not quite sure why I ended with face anatomy, but whatever...

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