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Darkrai's Dream


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Pokémon X and Y are so popular. People here scurry to the forum about it all the time, but that doesn't surprise me. What does, is the fact that it's popular at my school. It's what almost everyone's talking about. When the students are done with what they need to be doing (and sometimes even when they're not done), that's the thing to talk about. Everyone knows about the three starters, and Xerneas and Yveltal. How this happened is a mystery because everyone there doesn't seem to care about Pokémon much.

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  1. Polkadot Jolteon's Avatar
    How odd. I've had to inform the Pokémon players of my school of its existence. Today.
  2. Shadows's Avatar
    That is...amazing. I wish my school was like that. :/
  3. Sapphire's Avatar
    I agree. It is amazing. Pretty much everyone I know is unaware that Pokemon still exists.

    I'm kind of jealous of you, actually.


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