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Okay, so y'know how when you have a nightmare, it scares you like crazy during the nightmare, but when you wake up, you usually think "Why the hell was I ever scared of that?" Both of those feelings of fear and confusion, I am feeling now. Because it feels like a nightmare, I'm scared, but also confused, as I am conscious of the stupidity of the fear. Let me explain.

Just now, here I am, minding my own junk, playing Pokémon Battle Revolution on my Wii U. Suddenly my system turns off. I think 'what the hell' and nothing more. Not a normal thing to happen, but I shouldn't get scared. It's probably just some random unexplained junk that I won't have to worry about again. So, I go back to the system to turn it on again, and I notice that the power indication light is blinking red. Not normal. If off, the light should be steady red. If on, the light should be steady blue. If off, but downloading data while off, it should be a steady yellow. Never should it blink. I start to panic, but after some hesitation, I press the power button and hope my game didn't get screwed. I wait, and suddenly... a Pikachu pops out of the disk slot! nothing happens. The game doesn't turn on. I press it again, this time holding it down for a couple seconds. Nothing. Press it again. Nothing. Press it twice in rapid succession. Nothing. Panic like a little girl who just had a nightmare. Nothing. I try to turn it on with the GamePad, but after about 10-20 seconds, it says, "Cannot connect to the console. Either you are being a dumbass or your game is screwed."

So here I am, freaking out, because my game won't turn on and this isn't normal. I think it's stupid as hell that I'm scared of this, but I'm still scared. Why? I dunno, I just am! So, after a few minutes of panicking, I do what I should've in the first place: look in the manual! First place I go is troubleshooting. Let's see... Game suddenly turns off... nothing about blinking red lights. Go to Game won't turn on... "Is your light blinking red? This is a sign that the game will never turn on again, and any further attempts to turn it on will kill you. Solution: Unplug the AC adapter from the wall. Run around like a pansy for two minutes, then plug it back in." I do as told. I turn the game on... YAY IT WORKS! I go back to playing games.

Screw you, video game. It turns off again about fifteen minutes later, the light is blinking red. I go at it again, this time running around like a pansy for a bit longer. YAY IT WORKS! Fifteen minutes later (AS I'M TYPING UP THIS BLOG ENTRY), it turns off again. AUGH VIDEO GAME I HATE YOU!

I dunno what to do anymore...

EDIT: Upon further inspection, I have come to the conclusion that the fan on my game has died. I leave it up to the AC to keep my game running.

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  1. Miles101's Avatar
    Your Wii U seems to have a language problem. You should probably turn it in for repairs :P


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