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Darkrai's Dream

Blah, blah, blah.

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I came back from a few days of not posting just to tell you some random bits of junk that I felt I wanted to post.

I am starting to love Poison-types. Gengar, Seviper, Scoliopede, Venomoth, Ariados, I LOVE them. Just not the icky ones, like Muk, Trubbish, or Weezing, yuck. So, I now have four favorite Types: Poison, Ice, Ghost, and Dark. Yay.

I've been drawing quite a lot of stuff recently. Today I actually started to draw in color! I have to say, it turned out a lot better than how I thought it would. I thought I was only remotely good at drawing in just pencil. Well, I got some criticism from a friend on my Venonat drawing, saying that if it doesn't have color, it could either be a Venonat or a really bad Kuriboh. So, my first color drawings include a Psyduck and some battle scene thingy between a Mage and a Warrior. I also added a bit of unnecessary red to an emo kid I drew the other day.

Remember my old blog entry about the Female Machoke? Someone *cough* @$aturn¥oshi; *cough* argued that she has no nipples that need to be covered up. Well, GUESS WHO I FOUND.

I remember getting a Female Seedot in Emerald a few months ago just because of this. I eventually abandoned her in the woods or something.

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