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  1. Spirit Pokemon

    Theme song for the pokemon Yamask aka the Spirit Pokemon.

    Introduced in gen V this pokemon is hardly seen. It is overshadowed by its evolution Confragigus. This pokemon has a decent movepool heavily relying on egg moves, tm moves, and move tutors. It and its evolution is most commonly used in a trick room team where it excels as a trick room setter role. It is one of my favourite Ghost type pokemon. It is a ...
  2. "There are starving kids in Africa."

    Because I felt like writing something today. Just another one of my trademark ramblings.

    I'm sure all of us have heard the phrase. "There are starving kids in [impoverished country], you should be grateful for what you have!" Typically it's used on kids who won't eat their veggies or whatever, but I've heard it used as a serious, supposedly legitimate argument as to why somebody shouldn't be unhappy. To be honest, it kind of bothers me.

    No, don't get me wrong, ...

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    Musings and observations
  3. Final Fantasy III/VI Let's Play Episode 6: Sabin the Day

    Episode 6 is up! We left off on top of Mt. Kolts and was kindly introduced to Vargas' drop kick . What will happen to the party next? Check it out to find out.

    Feedback always welcome and if you like it, let me know!

  4. Drowzee

    And I don't mean the pokemon.

    But yeah, this blog doesn't really have anything to do with me being sleep. (Though I am at the moment). If anything, I'm just hoping I'll get enough energy and motivation to finish this blog. I feel like I really need somewhere to type out my thoughts, and here is as good as anywhere.

    Last week I started to zone out. Nothing specific, just in general. Things were starting to become foggy and my mind was entering a dream state, I guess. ...
  5. Control Freak???

    I guess I'm one of them. When I tell someone to do something, I expect them to do it with no questions or judgement. Now, don't get me wrong, telling someone is different than asking them. Because if I ask someone for, like a favor or something, I'm okay when they say no.

    So if I'm tutoring someone or something, I want them to listen to me and do what I say with no question or judgement. High school kids are the worst! It makes me wonder if I was ever like that, Because I was tutoring ...
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