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Confessions of a Lima Bean

Happy Birthday to me!

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I am officially twenty-two today!

...Okay, that kinda sounded immature. XP

Anyway, today is my first birthday on Bulbagarden. Truth be told, I wish I had joined this site sooner. If I had joined BMGf before SPPf, I would probably be more outgoing. Being on SPPf for so long has kinda changed my viewpoint on things, and not for the better. I had to get out of there before I ended up turning into an asshole like a few members over there. I was also afraid to speak up for someone there because I wanted to fit in, and they ended up getting banned. But, now that I am here, I'm slowly turning back to my old self before SPPf changed me. :3 Mostly in fact to my new friends!

@Caprizant; The fearless leader of The Planetary Pit Stop and part-time troll. A good friend to have, and a kick-ass signature maker. It's also fun to RP battle with him.

@jokool; One of my first friends here. A really nice guy to talk to, and hilarious to boot. He makes me laugh. Truthseeker, if you take this as a hint, I'm gonna take you to The Cage and kick your butt!

@Fabled Mocker; He was one of the first people who sent me a VM. He was under the name Dr. Z at the time, with an avatar of that bird guy from The Regular Show (I think). He's off-the-wall funny and a great person to chat with.

@Ghetsis-Dennis; Now this is an awesome fellow. If you ever want to know which nature is best for your Pokemon or just want to chat about Street Fighter and other things, G-D is the one to go to! I'm glad to have him as a friend.

@Lief; My internet brother. He can be a bit oblivious at times, but there are other times where I worry about his innocence. Even so, he's a good friend and a helpful buddy in The Cage.

@NfiNity; The girl who wouldn't stop posting Kaito pics for a while. She's a good friend, though, and Caprizant's devotion to her makes me smile.

@Princess of Lumas; I just met her about a month ago, and she is one weird kid. But, I love weird people, so it doesn't bug me. Although I still have no idea what a Luma is...

@Pyradox; The resident headbanger girl, and the best friend that a Disturbed fan like me could ask for.

@Seto Kaiba; WHERE ARE YOU, YOU CRAZY GUY?! You always made me laugh at the random things you posted. I haven't seen you around The Pit Stop at all.

@Truthseeker4449; The Pit Stop Godmodder. Even though godmodding does irritate me, he's still a nice guy. When he's not ripping out spines and turning them into belts or whatever, you can be sure that he'll be talking about Vocaloids or anything else that happens to be on his mind.

@Jack Pschitt; While he may not be on my friends list, he's still a friend. His deadpan manner of typing often has me rolling out of my chair in laughter.

@Ebail; Another user who's not on my friends list. I met him through Pyradox (I think), who had apparently shipped us together. I still don't understand why to this day. Still, he's a nice person.

@Kakuna Matata; The funniest mod I know. She always cracks me up.

Anyway, I hope I get to spend more birthdays here on BMGf. Thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday this morning, and to those who will be reading this blog!

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  1. Kakuna Matata's Avatar
    @LIMA Bean Aw, thanks for sharing my (silly) sense of humor. xD
    Quote Originally Posted by Caprizant
    Happy birthday, Bean! Your present is under the spoiler.

    PS: ...You had to mention my devotion to Fin-Fin. :P
    @Caprizant Still not a kitteh, no matter what web of lies you may spin.
    And that's a given. :V
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