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On Gaining +2 Speed and +1 Attack

Root Fossil

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Since I can only post back to 1970 and not 1929, I figured better to post this now.

So, I've been taking geology this semester, and there's a lab associated with it. The first half of the semester consisted of identifying rocks and such, and one of the sedimentaries was pretty cool.

It had sea lily fossils, and my mind went straight to Lileep. I don't think the instructor would've appreciated the humor if I wrote "Root Fossil" as the answer, though. No indication that he's a pokemon fan.

On a related note, I finally have enough pokemon for my fossil team, I just need to train Tyrunt and Amaura now. My others I've got bred and trained are Archeops, Aerodactyl, Cradily and Bastiodon.

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