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I've lost it

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Gone off the deep end. I can't take it anymore because everyone wants to wreck the nice little tower I put together.

Nice little tower, in this instance, refers to the wiki that I led to being the #1 resource of the fandom.

Pokémon as a whole is tearing me to pieces. I'm gonna lose my mind before I complete HeartGold's Pokédex, let alone going for the full 649 in Black.

And why?

Because the fandom got to me. It's driven me insane, how much fail exists. People using the exact romanizations when we have not only trademarked Japanese names fully available, but also the freaking English names. Your Reakoiru doesn't compare to Rarecoil or Magneton. And that's to say nothing of the old-ass, 1999-style things still kept alive by some, like shipping or wishes for remakes of Hoenn. It's not happening. And Ash will never grow up, either.

Goddammit, Game Freak, after you finish Gray, quit Pokémon for a while and go make a sequel to Pulseman.

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  1. Sublime's Avatar
    Quit Pokemon? You must be joshin around.
  2. System Error's Avatar
    For some reason I thought of this literally at first, and thought tower destruction was the most petty yet strangely badass thing ever. Bitches be knockin' down my Jenga.

    Although more badass would be you cutting a heel promo on these guys, villainising them instead. Ergo, instead of losing it and going insane, lose it and...well, go insane, but go insane on them instead of yourself. With a level of restraint, of course (e.g., "you people want to piss in the pool i worked my ass off to carefully clean out? go right ahead." instead of "fuck you all"). Angry superiority can be pretty stress-relieving, especially when you feel it to be true.

    Also, uh, learn to tolerate the fail, or at least just tolerate the minor stuff. Even the most badassest badass of restrained raging can't pull off long-term talking down the whole goddamned hivemind of it.
  3. Yoshi-san's Avatar
    You should just ignore the FanDumb and focus on the better parts of the fandom.

    Plus people are people. They have different preferences in the fandom. Some people like shipping, some people don't. Some people like over-analyzing the anime, some people just likes watching it as is. You shouldn't become so anal because they're not enjoying the fandom the same way you do. Don't fight it because you know the saying(and trope), He Who Fights Monsters....
  4. $aturn¥oshi's Avatar
  5. TTEchidna's Avatar


    New, stupid users who think Bulbapedia is their speculation grounds. I didn't even create the GS remake speculation page anywhere but my userspace - that was another user entirely. One who was, likewise, a new stupid user. And then more new stupid users added "AND THERE'S A GOLD AND SILVER POKEY BALL ON FLOORS" and dumb shit like that. Seeing a pattern?
  6. Azure Butterfly's Avatar
    Make something new, GF. Please! I can't get past the third level, I suck at platformers. Also, let Tajiri-san have creative control, dammit!

    Play the games, ignore the fandom completely. It's worked for me before...