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  1. I've lost it

    Gone off the deep end. I can't take it anymore because everyone wants to wreck the nice little tower I put together.

    Nice little tower, in this instance, refers to the wiki that I led to being the #1 resource of the fandom.

    Pokémon as a whole is tearing me to pieces. I'm gonna lose my mind before I complete HeartGold's Pokédex, let alone going for the full 649 in Black.

    And why?

    Because the fandom got to me. It's driven me insane, how ...
  2. The past

    [quote]Let the two glittering stones, one in red, one in blue, connect the past. Two friends sharing power open a window to a new world that glows. The next world waits for you.[/quote]

    So I'm sure you've all noticed by now. I'm not TTEchidna.

    I'm HedgehogTTP. TTP standing for "to the past", naturally.

    Why? Dunno. Doc's Celebi might be a better choice, if I'm going back to my roots. But that's kinda eh because one Mr. Merrick has a monopoly ...
  3. I am now the enemy?

    Wonder how soon you guys vote to veto apngs, because shitty outdated browsers can't display them?

    Or kill roundycorners, because the 50% of the internet too dumb to download another browser besides Internet Exploder can't see them?

    Oh wait. Those were [I]good ideas[/I] I had. How soon do they get counted as a bad one by the users of Bulbapedia?
  4. I think I'm losing it,

    I can't enjoy Pokémon anymore because of the utter failure of everyone on the wiki.

    I fucking hate Generation V for giving us a ridiculous amount of new and really fucking stupid items which no one cares to put the kana of. Or upload the sprites of. Until, of course, Serebii does it, which then everyone rushes to him to jack the information and put it on the wiki formatted wrong.

    And then they spell Special Defense with a C. I don't care if you're from the UK. The ...
  5. You know what I need to do?

    I need to work more on SFA. Everyone keeps telling me I'm too involved at Bulba. Well I guess so.

    So yeah. Until December!