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What a Day!

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What a day, first Pokemon Bank is delayed because Nintendo didn't anticipate that their servers would become overloaded and because of the Great British Weather consisting of 70 MPH winds, heavy rain, sleet and hail, I cant go the "real" bank to deposit my Christmas money. Ah well, I hope Nintendo can resolve these issues quickly, but the only real solution I can see is that their servers are in need of upgrading.

I was going to wait for the "download rush" to die down anyway but dose anyone think that Pokemon Bank should have been released at the same time as X & Y?

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  1. Tyrfing's Avatar
    I do. Really bad on their part to postpone it TWICE (once not on X and Y release, now on the supposed date two friggin months later).
  2. Neo Blaze's Avatar
    I'm REALLY MAD it's postponed. I accepted it wasn't released immediately with X and Y, but still hated I had to wait till the end of December, it felt just like waiting for X and Y to be released. And now, it's even released later! Way to disappoint and crush the initial excitement of your fans, Nintendo.

    For others the date it will be finally released on now may not be of much importance, but for me it sort of is. I had great plans this holiday, to finish my living dex with help of Bank, since I have free time, but now, might they release it in January, I'm going to be super busy with school again =__=
  3. manaphy910's Avatar
    As weird as it sounds, I do like that Bank came out a few months after X and Y. It made the Pokémon in X and Y feel much more special to me and I had to learn to love what's in the game before I could bring over my other 'mons. I do sort of like how Japan got Bank first because Wonder Trade is much more exciting since I never know if I'll get an old Pokémon or one of the new ones.

    Although, yeah, I wish I could have Bank today. I do kind of want to bring over the Pokémon I've been collecting from as far back as Generation III.


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