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  1. Cricket is DIRTY

    It's the return of the dirty blog posts that appear normal but thanks to my effed up mind it is. So I will share some things I heard whilst at cricket training the other day.

    "Stop playing with the balls!" One of my coaches said to this kid that had decided to come to our U-13 Training Session even though he was 9.
    "These balls are hard!" Said by the same Under 9
    "I'm gonna use one of the softer balls" Once again said by this Under 9 ...
  2. Swimming is DIRTY

    So I received a few likes on the last ".... is dirty" post I made. And I went swimming the other day and I have to say, I heard some dirty stuff.

    "I'm so wet!" Says a girl coming out of the water slide.

    "I'm gonna make you wet!" Says a kid splashing a little girl

    And heres the longest unbelievable not meant to be dirty conversation I've ever had. I was getting changed and heres what a father and daughter were saying in the ...
  3. Im officially a BADDERMAN! & A CONTEST!!

    Yeah, im a badderman now!

    It's quite a funny story! We were playing football on the tennis courts when a couple of year 10 kids locked us in and held all their body weight against the door. This carried on for 10 minutes, so I was late for history. I AM NOW A BADDERMAN

    Oh, ive started an RP! Join it if you want. CLICK HERE!

    Okay... More dodgy anicdotes... Ummmm.... Oh yeah, ill finish it here and leave you with a riddle. First to get it right wins something, ...
  4. My Dirty Design Teacher

    Lol accidental alliterations ftw! Oh wait I just did another...

    Yeah, my design teacher is a REALLY dirty person. Let me give some examples

    "First you need to fiddle with it, then put it in the hole..." - He tells us how to put a wooden rod into a piece of wood properly

    Head of Design walks in - "Oh sorry, I was just fiddling with Matthew"

    "Your piece of wood is really small..." He says to a kid who picked ...
  5. This is my blog, lalalala Charraze's blog


    So yeah, beat mystery dungeon 2 without a reviver seed against Dialga. (Brushes off swag). Seriously, some hard s***. Has anyone else beat Dialga without a reviver seed. Let me know!

    Liverpool won something *crowd cheers*. Yayyyyy

    Uhhh... I made an rp. Click here to sign up!

    Ummm... I like cheese??

    That was an anti-climax...

    OH WAIT!
    Im writing a story. Like, properly. Ive ...
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