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Sh*t haters say... About Pokemon

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by , 14th May 2012 at 09:08 PM (375 Views)
Every time I have a conversation with someone about Pokemon, they always end up hating on it. This pisses me off. "What's so bad about Pokemon?" I say.
"It's retarded! It's about stupid stuff!" they say.
"Like what?"
"I dunno. The monsters look wierd."
"Yeah, and there's no story!"
"Yeah! Digimon was way better!"

It is at this moment that I start to crack, and really start to flip the f*ck out. Since when did Digimon have a better story?! I saw it all, and trust me when I say, the story was worse than Pokemon. It was too rushed. They put random kids together and try to build on the characters they already have, which is an immensely difficult challenge. Obviously, Digimon failed the test.

Another problem was the whole "digivolving" thing. Being able to evolve to a more powerful form in the middle of a fight? Good. Immediately de-evolving after the fight or right in the middle of it? Terrible.

Types are also pointless in the game. You can have a well balanced team of Digimon types, but it won't matter. Strength (levels) is the key factor. You won't need strategy for this series, just go buff up your 3 man team in a low level area.

I especially hate when they pick on certain ones. Take Pikachu for example. Here we have a Pokemon with decent stats, and average attack selection. Everybody says its weak as hell and can't do sh*t in a fight. If that was true, how has Ash managed to defeat sooo many opponents, sometimes with a type and/or level disadvantage?

Screw Poke-haters! Screw all them people! They don't know Pokemon! They don't know Pokemon at ALL! Pikachu's a thug! He's a real thug! He went boxing against a motherf*cking Hitmonchan!!! He befriended nearly every legendary Pokemon in existence! AAANNND he blasts Team Rocket off the face of the goddamn earth on an almost daily basis!

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  2. Booster the Gawd's Avatar
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    People who hate Pokemon for saying monsters look weird won't know Digimon FACT.
  3. Ghetsis-Dennis's Avatar
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    Truth is, Pikachu really does stink in battle, even with the light ball that turns him into a powerhouse. He's so frail, the opponent won't even switch out his Gyarados because he could take Pikachu down despite its 4x weakness. It also gets easily walled by the four dominant types. Other than that, the haters must've outgrew the franchise.
  4. Kouzan's Avatar
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    Friends: (aka nostalgiafgas. pardon my language) "All the new Pokemon suck! I prefer the original 151! They are the only real Pokemon!"

    At least I have some friends who respect and have played the other gens, under my influence of course.
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