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  1. Going to Dad's house (maybe)!

    Praise Arceus! I might get to chill at my dads house today! Sweet baby Mew that's awesome! Better than living at my shithole of a house, mostly because I won't have to interact with my mom at all!
  2. Brain scheduled for deletion!

    I'm in the middle of Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. I'm just watching it, when not-so suddenly the egg hatching scene plays. You know, struggle struggle, container breaks, May intercepts the goal for a touchdown. Then...egg hatches. Manaphy's out! Then, a little voice in back of my head says "Phione!".


    If Phione is Manaphy's Pre-evolved form... How is it that Manaphy hatched straight from the egg? Processing...dataaa....

  3. Sh*t haters say... About Pokemon

    Every time I have a conversation with someone about Pokemon, they always end up hating on it. This pisses me off. "What's so bad about Pokemon?" I say.
    "It's retarded! It's about stupid stuff!" they say.
    "Like what?"
    "I dunno. The monsters look wierd."
    "Yeah, and there's no story!"
    "Yeah! Digimon was way better!"

    It is at this moment ...
  4. Canadian pennies in my change?!

    I've been going through my loose change, and I've come across 4 or 5 Canadian pennies. Why does Canadian change show up in my money, and do Canadians get some of our change? What do you think?