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A Semi-objective Look At The 2DS

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by , 28th August 2013 at 03:33 PM (489 Views)
2DS Announcement Video

The Nintendo 2DS was announced out of the blue today, and I'd like to share my thoughts on on it. But first, I think I should try to explain what it's all about.

The 2DS is the next console in the DS family. It is compatible with both DS and 3DS game carts. It is marketed as an entry-level handheld console, and is geared toward people who are unable to use the 3D feature, such as children under the age of 7. It has no hinges, which increases its durability and makes it more child-proof. However, it cannot "close" like the other DS, DSi, and 3DS models. Its wedge shape allows it to be played flat on a table. I'm speculating that it will have a more durable touch screen, so little kids can use their fingers to play it, which they like to do for some reason. Aside from the 3D and the ability to close, it will function just like any other 3DS. It is to be released on October 12, 2013. The same day as Pokemon X/Y. This could give all three items a healthy sales boost.


I think the 2DS will end up like the Gameboy Micro. It will fly under the radar, and the price will have to be lowered. Then, when only a few units are sold, Nintendo will stop producing new units, and their value will skyrocket. I may buy one just for selling a few years down the line. A lot of people are giving Nintendo shit about the 2DS, and I don't see why. It's a smart idea. If you can provide a durable console for small children to play your 3D Pokemon games on, you might as go for it. I do worry that this will backfire, and hurt the sales of Pokemon X/Y by making it seem as if children younger than seven is X/Y's target demographic. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what ultimately happens.

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  1. Zexy's Avatar
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    40 dollars is a noteworthy price difference. It will also make some parents who declined 3DS/XY pleas from their kids to reconsider.
    3DS did its trick. They introduced it far before XY, announced the games at the beginning of 2013, and people started buying it like crazy.

    Add to that, we are getting a non-hinge console which hasn't been done since plain Advance. Nostalgia can do some tricks. Then, Pokemon fans like us will still most probably buy XY, and to add, more <7 kids will also buy it. I can see that doing more good than harm. After all, there are many 3DS holders who will still just buy the game for what it is.
  2. Phoenixphlare's Avatar
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    Don't you need the second camera for AR stuff
  3. kyogre545's Avatar
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    I really don't understand why people don't like it. I didn't buy a 3DS to experience games in 3-D, I bought it for upcoming games from favorite series of mine. But..I do agree that it might end up just like the poor Gameboy Micro.
  4. Phoenixphlare's Avatar
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    Turns out you don't hmm
  5. Yato's Avatar
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    I don't know why everyone is saying "that console is for kids" - is there any official statement that it was made specifically for kids?

    Since I don't have that much money, this is really good news. If this is ever sold in my country, I have considerably less to save up, and I could get this instead of the expensive 3DS. I was considering buying a used 3DS, but if I can get a cheaper handheld NEW, then obviously, my choice goes for the cheap new product than a used one which might have hidden malfunctions. The price difference roughly equals one game software as well - it's a nice product for gamers on a budget like myself


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