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  1. A Semi-objective Look At The 2DS

    2DS Announcement Video

    The Nintendo 2DS was announced out of the blue today, and I'd like to share my thoughts on on it. But first, I think I should try to explain what it's all about.

    The 2DS is the next console in the DS family. It is compatible with both DS and 3DS game carts. It is marketed as an entry-level handheld console, and is geared toward people who are unable to use the 3D feature, such as children under the age of 7. It has no hinges, which increases ...
  2. Remember last summer, when I said I was gonna start watching anime?

    I decided to finally get around to it. I just finished watching the first episode of Soul Eater, and I have mixed feelings about it.

    On one hand, the concept is pretty fucking awesome. It also has a great soundtrack. It's pretty dark for something rated TV-14, which is cool.

    On the other hand, everything else about it is annoying. The pacing is bizarre. Maka is boring, Soul is a douche, and Blair is annoying as hell. The theme song is also extremely cheesy. I'll watch ...

    Updated 9th May 2013 at 01:51 AM by Orion

  3. Musikalske Bandvogn

    01: Your favorite song
    All-time: "Aerials" by SOAD
    Current: "Stemmen Fra Tårnet (Voice From the Tower)" by Burzum

    02: Your least favorite song
    "The Motto" by Generic-Rapper#4727. Fuck that entire YOLO phase the world went through last year.

    03: A song that makes you happy
    "Got The Time" by Anthrax. Easily the most driving song I know.

    04: A song that makes you sad
    "Watch Over ...
  4. A day late. (Bulbaversary Blog)

    366 days ago, I watched an LP. Chuggaaconroy's Pokemon Emerald LP, to be exact. In that LP, he mentioned Shiftry, saying how underrated and "monstrous" it can be in battle. I decided to check out its stats on Bulbapedia. I decided that I needed this Pokemon. But alas, I had no way to obtain it, as I had never encountered a Seedot in-game. I noticed a link on Bulbapedia's homepage that read "Bulbagarden forums".
    "Ah, they have a forum," I thought to myself. "Perfect." ...

    Updated 27th February 2013 at 12:35 AM by Orion

  5. Godamnit Internet.

    Hey everyone. I have been without an internet connection for the past few days. And now I have one! So I made this this blog post to apologize to everyone I had been playing Space Race Mafia and Assassin in The Palace with. Sorry!
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