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My Little Cousins Are Adorable :3

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Today we just sort of had a family meeting thingy for a bunch of birthdays (since a lot of my family members were born in April), and I finally got to see my little cousins again! My youngest cousin is turning 4 years old, and my six year old cousin will be turning 7 in October (I'm going to refer to them by their nicknames, so the youngest is Tiki while the other is B.)

First off, we just started playing around with nerf swords, and Tiki reminds me of myself when I was her age, since she was brutally pretending to slash me to death, while B just sort of pretended to slice my throat with the swords (it was cute yet a little scary). Then after that, we just sort of got really bored and the four of us (Me, Tiki, B, and my sister, Meg) just decided to draw stuff with crayons. All I have to say is that I felt like the god of art whenever I drew a picture in front of my little cousins. Since I'm blessed to have my cousins who are in love with MLP, they requested me to draw Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. So I drew quick and pretty amateur drawings of them, then they asked for the rest of the Mane Six along with Trixie (I'm so glad that they actually remember Trixie). Once they had finally asked me to draw Luna and Celestia, I decided to become the most badass artist they had ever seen.

So, only using crayons, I drew an almost accurate version of the two ponies I had ever made up. B was more impressed than Tiki, but I still felt like the superior cousin when compared to my sister (except for when my cousins from my Dad's side of the family come over, then Meg is the favored one).

Then I guess my sister got a little jealous and decided to show off some drawings of her Skyrim character she made.

Anyways, I thought it turned out pretty well, and I still love my cousins for remembering certain ponies that only appeared once or twice in the series. Now if only I can get them to notice Derpy...

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