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I just found out that my Glaceon caught Pokerus, and I now infected my team with it. So since I have no idea was EVs and IVs are, what does the disease do anyway? Do I just get a lot more EXP or what?

Seriously, what do I do now? (I'm just excited because I heard that Pokerus is rarer than a shiny Pokemon).

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  1. Sheep's Avatar
    It makes your Pokemon gain more stats when leveling up! Make sure you infect a storage Pokemon with it too and box it, since the Pokerus will fade after a day or so of it being in your party. It'll keep getting boosted stats and keep the effects of the virus once it fades, but you won't be able to infect anything else. I have a Purrloin and some other random infected Pokemon sitting in the PC incase I need to infect other Pokemon xD
  2. Envoy's Avatar
    Well, the first thing you should do is infect a junk Pokemon with it and keep it in your PC at all times. Pokemon will lose their Pokerus after 24 hours (or until your DS' clock hits midnight, I'm not sure) and then it'll be gone forever. Keeping an infected Pokemon 'in stasis' will ensure that you never permanently lose Pokerus.

    As for its effects, Pokerus doubles the amounts of EV's your Pokemon gain after each battle. For more on effort values, I suggest you watch this video:


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