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Bad Apple

Hawks Are Awesome

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by , 8th January 2013 at 06:08 PM (174 Views)
So, today I walking walking home from school with my sister. We passed by this one house, and we heard a *thunk*. We turned around to see a dead pigeon. We thought it had just randomly dropped dead, but we looked at it closer and realized that the neck was only a bone connecting the head and body. And the bottom half of the bird was eaten off. We looked at each other, probably thinking "What the hell?"

My sister beckoned my mom to come look at it with us, and as my mom was walking toward us, I looked up and saw a small hawk looking down at us. I pointed it out to them, and I started freaking out. Not in the bad way, more like the "Holy crap I just witnessed a hawk drop it's prey right behind us and it was awesome" kind of freaking out.

My whole reaction in a nutshell:

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