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Elder Scrolls Online and more Ocarina of Time

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Alright, so today, my sister and I finally were able to play the BETA for Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). In case you don't know what it is, ESO is the MMO for the Elder Scrolls series (first person RPG's such as Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim are a part of this series). It's a fairly early BETA, and they're expecting to release the final game next year, so I'm going to have to wait a while. Apparently, due to some agreement thing, we can't talk about EVERYTHING in the BETA, so I'm just going to talk about the stuff they've already announced on their website.

First of all, the combat system is pretty awesome. It's not like other MMO's where you just click something on the hotbar and watch your character do this move. You actually have to click stuff in order to swing your sword or fire an arrow or shoot a fireball. It feels like your actually doing something rather than watching a character animation. Even though they still have a hotbar, it doesn't really take away from the gameplay since the spells I've gotten so far have absolutely no charging time and very short animations. And if you play as a Mage, you can still wield other weapons like bows or hammers since no weapons are exclusive to a certain class or race.

For an early BETA, the graphics look ridiculously amazing. They're way better than Oblivion and Skyrim, and it takes a while to point out weird looking edges. And since every NPC has a voice actor for all their dialogue (and talking animations) I suddenly care about the storyline a lot more now. It's not like one of those things where you skip over the text, accept the quest, do the quest, and get a bunch of gold and XP. Or maybe it's just because I've played Skyrim...

In other news, I've beaten the Spirit Temple in Ocarina of Time. Like the Water Temple, it was really easy for me and I only needed the walkthrough for one room (unlike the damn Shadow Temple). The Sage of the Temple, Nabooru, is now at a tie with Ruto for my favorite sage. I've also found that the easiest temples for me always have my favored Sage.

Anyway, before I came upon the Temple, I had to sneak past the Gerudo guards in order to save those guys so that they can fix that bridge. While doing so, I found an Easter Egg completely by accident. I was in a room and I had no idea what to do, do I just rolled into some crates for Rupees. Little did I know that behind the crates there was a poster of Link, and I recognized it as promotional (or concept) art for Skyward Sword, another Zelda game I have, but I never finished.

After I freed the last guy and the Gerudo thought that I was totally awesome, I decided to venture around in the Training Grounds mini-dungeon. All I have to say is that Gerudo women are badass, since they have to go through all those rooms (likely without ANY of the items I have). They are officially my favorite race in OoT.

And finally, the question of the blog: What is something that you have NEVER finished? It could be a drawing, a writing, a game, or a really long TV series.

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  1. Codface's Avatar
    As an ex mmo player nothing about ESO jumps out at me. It will likely fail same way they all do.

    Buggy start due to millions of nubs on day 1 lagging out place.
    After month all nubs bored and move onto next big thing. This leaved the servers barron and those who enjoy the game without their newly acquired friends so likely quit too.

    Seriously no big hype launch will work no matter how good the game is. To succeed you need gradual fan build up and an unfriendly to nubs gameplay. The eye candy next big thing loving nubs who are have played every mmo for a month are not the auduence wanted.

    ESO has already fallen into the make it familar to wow but fresh and easy for new players trap. All the ppl who still want a WoW game are playing WoW hardcore, they are invested there.
  2. Shiny Staraptor's Avatar
    When I saw this blog the first thing I did was go to the ESO website and apply for Beta. I just hope my PC will be able to play it, if the graphics are as good as you said.


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