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  1. 3DS master blogger

    Yayyyyy!!!! Happy Birthday Me! :) Yep, it's my birthday today! I'm celebrating with 3 of my closest friends. Tomorrow we're going to go paintballing to celebrate. I can't wait!!! One of them talks too much smack, one has never been, and one is my closest friend. He is about my level. 100!!! THAT'S MY LEVEL!! he is a 96.

    They are all here with my right now, and we're currently watching the Lego Movie. Just 'cause we can. My friend who is female(not a girlfriend!) got me ...
  2. Tickle Me Pink

    Hi again!

    I've been doing okay. Ashley came over last night. He was dressed up in a salmon pink collared shirt, black slacks, and a green tie. His long hair was neatly brushed. I asked him what was he dressed up for. He said that his parents had taken him to a fancy party. He said that he got to try sparkling champagne. I asked Ashley if he had a champagne campaign. He said yes.

    I took Ashley up to my room and decided to have fun with him. I told him to take off his ...
    Good News , Ramblings
  3. I love the Smash WiiU starting music selection.

    For Sonic,there's Rooftop Run from Sonic Generations,Escape from the City from Sonic Adventure 2,Windy Hill Zone Act 1 from Sonic Lost World,Reach for the Stars from Sonic Colors and all the Brawl ones.

    For Fire Emblem,there's Meeting Themes Medley (Better have Comrades),Mystery of the Emblem Medley,The Devoted from Radiant Dawn,Conquest (Ablaze) from Awakening and all the Brawl ones,just to name a few.

    But,I think one of the best songs in this game has gotta be In ...
  4. Finally Friday. What are you guys doing this weekend?

    There's never much to do in my town, so tonight I'm probably just hanging out with some friends and grabbing a bite to eat, probably just ride around afterwards. Tomorrow I'm heading to a Japanese-themed museum+garden and checking out a buffet with the family for dinner. Sunday I'd like to stop by and catch a showing of Interstellar, preferably stoned so I'll be trippin' 2001-style. And finally, tons of homework/studying I'll be catching up on last-minute before heading to bed early for work in ...
  5. top 5 surprisingly dark entries in family franchises

    by , 7th November 2014 at 04:16 PM (the diary of your average nintendo-sony fanboy)
    5. Megaman Zero 4
    well, to be honest, megaman X series was darker than the classic series, and zero was darker than the X series, and ZX was darker than zero, but zero 4 had was darker than ZX OR ZX advent combined, with the reveal of what happened to zero's original body, dr. Wiel's ultimate plans, and much much more.

    4. Shadow the Hedgehog
    remember how sonic adventure 1/2 and heroes were lighthearted and had REALLY light themes aimed at little kids? well screw that! ...
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