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  1. Pick My Username! (Round 2)

    Hello everyone (again)! It seems the time has come to where I can change my username again. After the enjoyment of the last 3 months, I thought I would let you all pick it again!

    For those of you who didn't see the contest last time, @Contrary; won with "Fart Breath" by a landslide! It was really a fun time reading through all of the username suggestions.

    Now, there are just a few simple rules that have to be followed:
    1) Pick ...
  2. Pick My Next Username! -results-

    First off, congrats to @Contrary; for coming up with the most popular username! Fart Breath won by a landslide, so I will be spending the next 3 months of my life being recognized as so!

    I hope you all enjoyed this. If so, just let me know and I'll gladly do this again in 90 days!

    Tags for all whom participated!
  3. Pick my next username!

    Hey everyone! How about we play a little game? I'm all for it, and I think it could have some... interesting results.

    The rules are simple!

    1) Pick a username that fits Bulbagarden's rules and regulations.
    2) Have the most likes and you win!

    Wanna play? Just comment a name and hope it wins! Have fun!
  4. Dreams in Life

    So, there had been a lot of talk in the BCCT about how amazing the world is. And that led me to think about my life, as I felt like the world isn't all that amazing.

    I've been thinking, and I wonder if I don't like the world because I don't have a dream or goal in life.

    Well, sure, I have one. But nothing realistic.

    My dream in life is to do something no one else has done before, and make it for the good of humanity. Something that no one sees ...
  5. I Wish Video Games Didn't Exist

    Soap box time!

    Video games make me miserable, but I can't stop playing them. For example, I'm currently playing Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4. I absolutely love it.

    Perhaps, just perhaps, a litte too much. I find it crazy how seriously I take it, because I legitimately feel bad for characters in the game, like they're real people. But I think that's just the problem. I want them to be real people. I have no idea what I'd do to be in my character's place, but ...
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