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Now Soft Resetting!

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by , 25th March 2013 at 04:25 PM (394 Views)
Okay, I never wanted a shiny, but now, that twinge hit me, it said that I want a Shiny Tepig, so I got my Nuzlocke copy of White 2 and reset it (I had a crappy team anyways, full of Patrat and Zubat with a lonely Snivy) and now, I am soft resetting for a Shiny Tepig, my Tally count is 5, and might take me awhile. So, do you guys have any suggestions for pokemon I should soft reset for?

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  1. TheShinyMiner's Avatar
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    And nobody cares...
  2. Zeems's Avatar
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    Shiny Terrakion looks awesome.
  3. SwampertShoes's Avatar
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    Hm, something catchable, right? I'm not sure what interactable thing you could soft-reset for, other than the legendaries and all. XD Erm...a Foongus? :3 Aha.
  4. TheShinyMiner's Avatar
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    @Zima I am still at the beginning of the game and still Soft Resetting for that Tepig (Shininess hates me so much lately)
    @SwampertShoes A Foongus? Really? I can get that,


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