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  1. Introducing the shittiest song lyrics from a Lyric Generator ever!

    Oh Pokemon, Pokemon!
    Oh Me, Me!
    I must confess,
    I still believe (still believe),
    In Pokemon!
    Give me a sign,
    Play Pokemon with me Me one more time!

    Oh Pokemon, Pokemon!
    Oh You, You!
    I'm addicted to you.
    Don't you know that you're Awesome!
    And I love what you do.
    Don't you know that you're Awesome!

    Oh Pokemon, Pokemon!
    Oh Shigeru Miyamoto, Shigeru Miyamoto!
    I think I did it again, ...
  2. Now Soft Resetting!

    Okay, I never wanted a shiny, but now, that twinge hit me, it said that I want a Shiny Tepig, so I got my Nuzlocke copy of White 2 and reset it (I had a crappy team anyways, full of Patrat and Zubat with a lonely Snivy) and now, I am soft resetting for a Shiny Tepig, my Tally count is 5, and might take me awhile. So, do you guys have any suggestions for pokemon I should soft reset for?
  3. A question on Omegle!

    You're now watching two strangers discuss your question!
    Question to discuss: Quick! The object to your left is the only thing to stop you from getting raped by Molestia! How fucked are you?

    Stranger 2: pretty fucked
    Stranger 2: considering its a snuggie
    Stranger 2: i'd take it anyway
    Stranger 2: molestia is probably the worst thing to be raped by
    Stranger 2: i was saving my anus for rainbow dash
    Stranger 2: le other stranger
    Stranger ...
  4. Butthurt found in Omegle

  5. That awkward moment when Gold and Diamond are together...

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