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Hi and goodbye.

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by , 13th October 2012 at 10:32 PM (315 Views)
You might have noticed that I was gone, well, if so, then I'll give you some bad news. No good news at all.
Why? you may ask. "You have barely even been on in a year." Well, I moved on to LBP2, quit pokemon (why would I? To you, that is a terrible thing to do.) and became a Brony.
Before I leave, I must ask everybody these as my last words:
  1. Switch from vBulletin to I.P Board
  2. Ban me, I won't ever be here anyways.

If there are any replies, don't comment. Just send the repliesHere if you have eMail. Well, I suppose I should just post a image for you guys because, well, it is the nice thing to do.
Goodbye, oh, you son also Have some pony. With the great last words and one blog, -Sackboy
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    Good-bye )=


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