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Very exhausting day yesterday.

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Hey guess what? I had an exam.
A quick story. In May 2011, I was suppose to graduate high school, but didn't cause I failed one of my classes. In order to make up for it and receive a diploma , I had to take a course called a correspondence course. It was a set of lessons with questions and followed by an exam. I had to read a textbook to find the answers and sometimes I had to use critical thinking. I finished it some time around September/October 2011 and brought it in. However , it was brought back to me by the instructor cause it was too illegible to read. I also forgot to do one lesson. Well anyway in October this year I finished rewriting it and sent it back to my old high school's learning consultant who then sent it to the instructor to grade it. Several days later I got it back graded with mostly As except one C.
Yesterday I finally stepped in the school and took my exam. It was a pretty awkward situation considering it's a Catholic school and while everyone wore green uniform polos and khakis , I was in cargo shorts and a t-shirt carrying books. One student (assuming a freshmen since I didn't recognize him) asked me if I what grade I was in so I had to explain the situation to him. (Side note, it's an all boys school) The exam was excruciating and stressful.It was one of the most strenuous exams I have ever taken so far. It was basically a list of 10 essays questions and I had to choose 6 to answer. I had one of those moments where you study hard for a test but end up not remembering a thing. I actually halfed the last two. 4 hours after I walked in, I finished and was finally home. I was and I'm still very exhausted. Man, I just hope I pass with a good enough grade. I am really tired of dealing with this crap and don't want to repeat it. I just really want a diploma so I can say I graduated. ;~;

I don't know why I'm still awake, @_@ I'm going to bed.

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