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One year.

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I can't believe it. Today marks my 1 year Bulbaversary. It's surprising that one year ago today, I joined the forums. I'm not as active as I was back then or even a few months ago, but I still take time to check in often and have good memories. I remember being such a noob back then. I already made my first two infractions in my first month. Now I've been more cautious and so far I haven't made any new infractions ever since. I also remember how I had no friends and felt being pretty ignored. But now I started hanging in the BCCT and now 1672 posts later, I've made lots of good friends. I did any entire 50 day Pokemon challenge and too my surprise was bigger than I thought it would be. Yeah I'm kind of bragging and over-exaggerating, but I feel like I've grown in a year. I've now branched out more and joined more Pokemon forums, and become more involved into the fandom. I've learned how to be more friendly and that all pretty much started since I joined here. So I hope to have another year and grow more.

Now to mention some people who I've gotten to know in the year:(in no particular order)
@Soulmaster; You were the first person I saw on my Recent Comments box We don't talk often, but you're a nice person who's friendly.
@fabfab; One of the most post obsessed users I know one here, but that's not a bad thing at all. It's impressive how you've gotten over 7200 posts in the 7 months since you've joined. I could never do that! And clearly you love this place alot cause you're also a mod now. You're definitely one of the nicest persons I've met on here and you're just friendly to everyone. You've really grown a ton and it's so impressive. You're also hilarious.
@Burgundy;Oh hai there! I know you from all over the interwebs, but we really didn't have much conversation until on here a month ago. You're silly and pretty fun too talk too. Also Cilan says hi, Burgundy

@Karamazov; One of the few people who stuck with me during my Pokemon Challenge and that does mean something to me . You're really nice guy and and cool to joke with.
@Aquanova; We only have talked a couple times in BCCT but we've had good conversations.
@Sunburn; We've talked a good amount and when we do, you always have something interesting to say. You're really friendly and kind to others on the forum.
@Zoe Trent; I know you on several other forums, and on Facebook, but we talk the most here. We have lots in common, most particularly our taste in music. And you're pretty cool.
[MENTION=25441;]TheMissingno;We don't talk really, but I see you in the BCCT all the time and you always have something entertaining to say.
@Haxy; Hello my techy/Turtwig -loving friend. We talk alot on here and PC , mostly about Owl City, but it's always a good time. Pun intended. Oh god why did I even?
@Goodbye Blue Monday;We've only really talked on sport-related thing like the Olympics and the MlB Postseason, but we've had some rather insightful and interesting conversations.
@Dark Blueberry; Way too go away on my Bulbaversary. Nah, you're cool and a pretty nice person. We've had a few good conversations.
@Truth is Elusive;Took me forever to find your username. Seen you several times in the BCCT and you're a cool dude and you really make me want to get TWEWY more.
@Neosquid; Another person I see on BCCT. You're pretty funny man.

This is my 100th blog as well and I really wanted to make it special. So what better way to celebrate my Bulbaversary with a blog. This place is awesome and a friendly community. I've really enjoyed myself here and hope to keep growing in the next year. So here's to another year!

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  1. Soulmaster's Avatar
    Yay first person on your mention list :D

    Wow for some reason it seemed like you had been here longer then this. But anyway Happy Bulbaversary!
  2. CrackFox's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary. May it be the first of many :)
  3. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversery :)
  4. Ebail's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary. Hope you continue enjoying your time here.
  5. Totally Not Booster Gold's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary xD. May it be one you will always remember
  6. Shadows's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary! :D
  7. Mikes Gardevoir's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary!
  8. Kyriaki's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary!! Thanks for the mention XDD
  9. Sunburn's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary!
  10. Robin Storm's Avatar
    HAPPY BULBAVERSARY!!! What sounds better.. heppy or happy?? I think they both. Nice avatar! Its Rainbowdash right? He is cool!! and cute.
  11. Water Max's Avatar
    Happy Bulbaversary! :)


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