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Merry Christmas (Happy Arceusmas)

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Merry Christmas everyone!!

No matter what your reason to celebrate the season, I hope it's a merry and joyful one. The best thing I got so far was getting Black2 as an early Christmas gift.

And now time for the big old tag list. (In no particular order.)

@Zoe Trent;
@313; (Fab)
@Dark Blueberry;
@Haxy; (Twiggy)
@Avarus Cantus;
@Goodbye Blue Monday;

Even if you weren't mention, I hope you have a Merry and Joyful Christmas. The ones mentioned, the same. The people mentioned have changed my time on Bulbagarden this year in some awesome way or another. You're all awesome people!

Once again Merry Christmas/Happy Arceusmas!

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  1. Marcie's Avatar
    Merry Christmas.


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