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Crazy, long night

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by , 26th November 2012 at 02:01 AM (273 Views)
Man, what a night. It started out fine, we went to our aunts home to have a second Thnaksgiving dinner. Food was good , she always makes good food, especially the turkey. Then as we're driving home , one of our tires ran flat. We drove to a convenience store to see if anyone would help. No one couldn't so my dad tired the jack we had in the car. It was broken so we all had to walk home and get another jack from there. So we walked home , it was bit cold but it was alright. My dad went to the neighbor's to give him a lift back. He had a little trouble with getting the tire off, but fortunately there was a guy who was an car/tire expert there filling up his tires who helped them get it off. The spare tire he put on is a little damaged but luckily he was able to get enough air to drive home. Well I guess we have to walk everywhere till we can replace our tires.

Ugh I'm so tired.

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