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Can someone help me here?

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I haven't really been active here in a month, but I have a question on X and Y but figure it doesn't really warrant a topic. A moderator can delete this blog or whatever if it doesn't belong here. I haven't gotten the game yet and I'm really curious about the trainer customization. Like how much options are available when you start the game? When/where can you customize a bit more character like changing your clothes and such ? Early in the game? if so how early? Like first or second city ? (I'm guessing that's Luminoise City or Santalune City, I don't want to know other cities/towns names so don't tell me. if it's later in the just say later in the game) And like what kind of option , I wouldn't mind seeing some screenshots besides the pre-releasesd one. Like maybe your trainer pictures, that would give me an idea. I don't know I'm just curious about the trainer customization!


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