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50 Day Pokemon challenge - Day 47

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by , 21st May 2012 at 04:55 AM (2738 Views)
Day 47 - Favorite Town/City

Distractions distractions. This is very late. This is a hard one. I honestly can’t decide between Castelia City and Nimbasa City. But I’m gonna say Castelia City. The Unova region is 2nd when it comes to favorite regions. Everything about it is beautiful. There’s leaves flowing, wonderfully composed music, and spiraling bridges and camera angles. Though the moment I looked at Castelia , my breath was taken away. There are large skyscrapers and tall buildings that sprawl all over and rotate as you walk. Skyarrow Bridge left me in awe as the bridge looped around. There are also the small alleyways that are home to the city’s gym and the many businesses. These alleyways are filled with traffic of people running back and forth to their work places. As you walk through you can hear the conversations of people talking away on their phones. And then the Royal Unova came to ind. The scenery on the city and bridge from out on the deck is beautiful and took me away the first time. The effort and realisticness of this city is beyond amazing.

Castelia City actually is tied with Nimbasa City as my favorite. They’re both so beautiful I couldn’t decide. Nimbasa City is a hub for entertainment. The place is so much fun. My favorite places to go are the Big Stadium and Small Court. I love going there as a place for training because since the trainers in there are different every day, it’s basically never ending battling. There are also the Battle Subway , an amazingly fun feature. There’s also the amusement park with an Ferris wheel you actually get to ride(along with the trainer you win against). And lastly, the gym is an amusement park where you ride several roller coasters to get to the trainers and Gym Leader. It has to be the most fun I’ve had in a Gym. Nimbasa City is the place I go when I have nothing to do in the game. There’s so much to do that’s it hard to get bored when there.

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