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50 Day Pokemon challenge - Day 40

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by , 13th May 2012 at 07:49 PM (266 Views)
Day 40? Geez that was fast.
Day 40 - Favorite Legendary

Definitely Lugia. It’s probably because my favorite movie, Pokémon 2000, features Lugia. Also it’s because of certain childhood memories. After watching the awesomeness that is Pokémon 2000, I really wanted to own Lugia. When I finally got Gold in 2001, I looked all over for Lugia’s location, but didn’t know it was in the Whirl Islands. Even when I did learn that, I was still unsure which island it was located and how to get to all of them. I was only able to find Ho-Oh. One day my friend David called me over to his house. He showed me the infamous Cloning Glitch. If you don’t know what that is, let me break it down for you. This glitch involves depositing a Pokémon into a box and then switching boxes. In order to switch Boxes in gen 1 and 2, you needed to save the game. Right when it gets to the part that says “Saving…don’t turn off power”, you shut the Game Boy off. When you turn it back on, you end up in the Pokémon center. If done right, you should have said Pokémon in both your party and your PC. After showing me this glitch, he traded me and my brothers Lugia to our respective games. Since I was such a Pokémon noob, I used this Lugia to help beat the Elite Four. I also cloned this Lugia several times so I could have more than one Lugia. I felt like such a cheater but I didn’t care. Whenever I started a new game, David would trade me more Lugia. But besides good childhood memories, I just thought Lugia was such a beast of a Pokemon. It was more than just the fun times I had trading cloned Lugia. The movie made it seem like an extremely powerful Pokémon. I just thought it was one of the strongest Legendaries ever. Even though now I realize it’s not the strongest Legenday, I still think it truly is “The Beast of the Sea”.

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