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50 Day Pokemon challenge - Day 39

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by , 12th May 2012 at 11:35 PM (1227 Views)
Day 39 - Favorite Pokémon Movie

It’s got to be the Pokemon 2000. This movie and the First Movie were the only Pokemon movies I saw in theaters. After seeing how amazing the first one was, I was more than excited to see the second film. My dad took me and my brothers to see it the day it premiered. Unfortunately, we got to the ticket booth only to find out they had sold out all the tickets for that day. But they were nice and gave us our Ancient Mew cards right. I was happy to get that card, but I was still anxious to see that movie. We arrived at the theater early the next morning to ensure we got a ticket. Luckily, they had some available and we were ready to see the movie. After over 30 minutes of waiting, we’re finally were able to see the movie. I have to admit though; the wait was well worth it. The movie was spectacular. More particularly, the music was. Lugia’s song, the one Melody plays, is very beautiful and I catch myself humming it to this day. That part of the movie where Melody plays it and calms Lugia and the legendary bird has to be my favorite moment in all the Pokemon movies: right next to scene in The First movie where Ash is frozen in stone and the Pokemon’s tears revive him. Both of these scenes brought me to tears, but unlike like The First Movie, these tears were tears of joy. Lastly the movie introduces interesting characters such as Lawerence III, a mere collector who wanted more. Also, there’s a talking Slowking. He’s got to be my favorite Pokemon in that movie and it made me want to get a Slowking myself. My favorite line he says is when he’s standing in the cold and says “I could use pants” As a kid, I cracked up at that part, and I still chuckle a bit when hearing it today. This movie just brings back a lot of good times for me and that’s why I like it the most.

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    This is my favorite Pokemon movie, too. But I couldn't see it in theaters, so I got it on VHS for Christmas.


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