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50 Day Pokemon challenge - Day 38

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Day 38 - Favorite Pokémon Professor

This definitely goes to Professor Juniper. Professor Juniper has the most outgoing personally of all the professors. To me she stands more than the rest. Mainly because she’s the only female professor, but also cause she seems to be the most developed. Professor Oak doesn’t have much background in the game. He studies the relationships between Pokémon and humans. That’s about it. Professor Elm is very clumsy and scatterbrained. Professor Birch is also sort of clumsy, but he’s alright. Professor Rowan is very intimidating and stern. None of the previous professors seem to be as interesting as Juniper.
Professor Juniper gives the player his/her starter as a present. Soon after that, she gives you your Pokédex and teaches you and your friends how to catch Pokémon. When you arrive in Accumula Town, she gives you a tour of the Pokemon Center and PokeMart. Throughout the game, she interacts with you a ton. You run into her at my places in the game and she’s there just as you enter Victory Road and gives you your Master Ball. She also gives you certain TMs depending on how many Pokémon you’ve seen. Put all of this together, Professor Juniper is very easy going and the most fun-loving Pokémon Professor. With the amount of time you interact with her throughout Black and White, you learn the most about her. Unlike most of the other, she actually gets to know her trainers. She becomes pretty close to you. Professor Juniper seems to become more than a professor, but a really good friend.

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