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50 Day Pokemon challenge day 1

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Day 1 - Your favorite Pokémon

Without a doubt it's Treecko. I really like how it looks. It's just very cool looking and has a BA personality. The first time I saw it during Ruby and Sapphire's release I thought it was the coolest Pokemon ever. Ever since then I sort of had a bias for the grass type starters and a Pokemon like Treecko made me appreciate even Chilorita a little more. Now whenever I start a new game I always pick the grass type.
Plus it's speed is incredible for a starter. In fact Treecko has the highest speed of any unevolved starter Pokemon. It's evolution line makes it better. I mean Leaf Blade is one of my favorite moves. Treecko is always my choice when playing through Emerald/ Sapphire and I'm thankful how much it's helped me in those games.

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Updated 11th May 2012 at 01:51 AM by Kouzan

50 Day Pokemon challenge


  1. Envoy's Avatar
    Sceptile is the fastest Starter to date, and it's also the fastest Grass type ever invented, bar Shaymin (and even then, only in its Sky Forme.)

    The problem with the Treecko family is the physical/special split taking away all of its favorite toys. Awesome moves like Leaf Blade, Thunderpunch and Dragon Claw that used to be fired off its good Special Attack are now used from its decent-ish attack stat, severely cutting its usefulness in what I like to call stat/move dissonance. Cyndaquil's family also suffers from this.


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