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  1. Why?!?!

    Very rarely do I ever BUY manga. I dont like having to buy whole series and there are not very many one-shots I like enough to pay for. They also just take up a lot of space and when you have a video game addiction you don't have extra room or money. It has to be a series I'm absolutely in love with for me to spend money on it.

    Recently Ive finally found a 8 book series that I want to own. Surprisingly Amazon has the entire series at it normal retail price.... except for book 2. After ...
  2. They're still making Land Before Time movies?!

    I looked on Wikipedia just now, and saw that there's one slated for release this year.

    Sheesh. I liked them as a kid, but they've been going on for ages now.
  3. A Month of Outlaw Star: Fan Work Spotlight #14!



    "Fred" by imabubble

    Uploading today's tribute for Outlaw Star Month a bit earlier in the day than usual, but I ain't complaining, and I doubt anyone else will. So to celebrate, here's a piece of fan art of the shrewd merchant and amusing financial benefactor of our heroes: Fred Luo!
    Fan Work Spotlight
  4. I did it...

    Watching NCIS yesterday, and I finally figured out how Gibbs is able to remove a completed sailboat from his basement.

    He has a Hoopa hiding in his house. Mystery solved, everybody go home.
  5. OMG.

    Finished watching Big Hero 6 for the first time, and

    I hope we get a sequel to this movie. I mean it. This movie is awesome. I'm so blown away by this movie that I don't even know how to put it into words. Loved the action, story, and drama.

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