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My own mom said I have no life

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Just now, I was minding my own business, viewing a well-made argument on the flaws of Ocarina of Time when all of a sudden my mom shows up and calls me a hermit upon entering my room. I had been indoors all day, embracing the actual quietness in the house (having two brothers who likely have anger issues and are immature really doesn't make for peace), minding my own **** business and enjoying myself, and she tells me I need to get out more. I know it's relatively minor, but it ****ing touched my berserk button. I don't even know how I managed not to yell.

I know it seems immature to get so ticked off, but things like that get to me. So there you have it. I know I should go out more, but tag is just dull and I downright suck at team sports, and it's unfortunately a bit too cold to go swimming. Also, it's hot out. And I lost track of time. But still, having my own mother basically saying I have no life... hurts. A lot.

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  1. Lyrebird's Avatar
    She's got a point, you know.

    It doesn't matter if you are bad at sport. Just giving it a go is better than do nothing at all. Plus making excuses about the weather is not going to be helpful. At least 30 minutes outside should be fine.
    Updated 31st August 2014 at 10:58 PM by Lyrebird
  2. Silverwynde's Avatar
    The thing about the people we love is they know how to hurt us. It sucks, I know. Just try not to let it get to you.
  3. White Yoshi's Avatar
    That really must of hurt :(.

    Have that problem with outside too. There is literally nothing to do for me.

    With, Team Sports: I like watching but I find playing it repetitive and the team sports we have are so broken; My brother does junior AFL and when I watch a few of his games, it is a complete mess, people cheat and fights happen so constantly I fell like I am watching MMA.
  4. Tyrfing's Avatar

    I hope I'm doing this mention thing right... But anyway... you're right. And I suppose the weather remark was a bit of a cop-out. I'm not exactly what you would call determined; I can try focusing on something difficult, but I give up easily. I'll try it in the future, maybe today if I'm just planted in the house.


    You're right about that. I'm not letting it get to me.

    @White Yoshi

    Glad to see I can relate to someone. I can't even bring myself to watch team sports, although I do support the Denver Broncos out of family tradition (despite living in CA).

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I'll try something today; probably just swim. Thank you everyone again.
  5. Chibster's Avatar
    @Jdog1020; Aww shoot, sorry to hear that. :( Don't let it get to you! But you know, you don't need to be good at sports to get out more. I'm certainly not a sports person, but sometimes I like to walk around the block with my mom and sometimes my family and I go to nature preserves and it's really nice. Do you have anything like that near you? Any places of interest near you?

    Oh btw, if you want to do a mention, you just do @username here and then a semicolon right after.
    Updated 1st September 2014 at 09:40 AM by Chibster
  6. Akira Bond's Avatar
    I don't believe Lyrebird is right at all, neither is your mother for that matter.

    You have no life? Why? Because you are in the house doing what you ENJOY doing? I don't understand how it is hard for people to get that not everyone enjoys the outdoors, and indoor activities are more for them.

    Sure, it is nice to get out every now and then for some fresh air, however, it is YOUR life, and you are entitled to spend your life however you want. Why should someone tell you what to do? Why should you do things outside you hate doing simply because someone told you to?

    You do have a life. You're alive aren't you? I agree with you, it is infuriating when someone tells you that you have no life. Who are they to judge how to enjoy your free time?

    To be completely honest, the only reason I go outside is because of my girlfriend. If I didn't have a girlfriend, you can bet I'd spend most of my time indoors while I'm not at work. And there is nothing wrong with that. It's how I enjoy life.

    Life is too short, so you do what you love doing. That's the only way to truly live.
  7. Isaac Gravity's Avatar
    Family members love taking cheap shots just to get a rise out you (and often fail to see what the hell was wrong with what they said if said target is one who has a hair-trigger temper or simply reacts).

    After that you DO want to go out for a little while just not see their face and blow off some steam. Just don't let it get to you and go chill at a library or somewhere quiet. Books are nice.
  8. Tyrfing's Avatar
    It would be nice to walk around the local park more, I must admit, but we never go there. Why, I don't know, but that's besides the point. And thanks for the mention thing.
    @Akira Bond;
    I agree entirely about outdoors activities not being for everyone. People should just get it. Life is too short. It's nice to see someone that also prefers being indoors as well.

    @Issac Gravity;
    I never noticed it until now, but your first statement is definitely true. I can't count how many times I wondered how people can be so oblivious to other's reactions. And yes, books are nice. Everything about them is great.

    Thanks everyone for your comments.
  9. Boshi234's Avatar
    Im called a hermit as well but I don't care really because I go to the beach and spend time there watching the birds flying and hunting fish (the birds) but I sometimes go fishing but it's better to relax in the wonderful outdoors. Im also going to a local gym, I would suggest you should try doing it as well since it is good for the body and mind.


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