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Time to test the wi-fi

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by , 11th October 2012 at 12:28 PM (269 Views)
Welp, I'm heading home for the weekend in about an hour, and I'm anxious to see if the wi-fi works. Hopefully I'll be able to come online and goof around as usual, as well as potentially make some online trades for the first time ever. If I'm AWOL for the next few days, you'll know what the result of this test is :P I just hope I won't have to take any extended leaves of absence over breaks anymore. See you all soon.

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  1. Setra's Avatar
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    I hope it works! It would be lonely on Skype if not. :/
  2. TheMissingno.'s Avatar
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    You should trade me all your pokemons

  3. Sunburn's Avatar
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    • permalink
    It does :)

    And I would love to trade you my Patrat collection, Missy :P


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