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Heading home

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Well, today I'll be heading home for Thanksgiving break, which is a week long. My German uncle will be visiting for the first time in years, so I'm excited to see him, and my brother finally got a job at a restaurant, so we'll probably be eating there at some point. Other than that it looks like it'll be a normal Thanksgiving, with both awesome and spoiled cousins, and my arrogant uncle showing off whatever shiny new material possession he's just purchased (I'm sure he'll have one, he always does). Good thing my dad's side of the family is having dinner on Saturday, so that I can have the later dinner with the family from my mom's side, whom I actually like a lot. I'm really looking forward to catching up on W2 during my days off, and maybe helping my mom with her students if she'd like for me to come in and talk about trees or something.

Anyway, safe travels to everyone who will be venturing out to visit family over the course of the next several days; I hope everyone has an excellent week regardless of whether you participate in Thanksgiving celebrations or not.

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    Have a great time :)


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