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Nuzlocke Challenge Update #1

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I forgot about one thing: You have to nickname every Pokemon you catch. I forgot about that. Joltik reminded me of that. Thanks.

Peppermint (Snivy)
Lvl. 5

For most of the Nuvema Town/beginning part, I was like, "Hurry the hell up, I wanna go catch a Pokemon." When I finally got to Route 1, I was literally chanting, "Lillipup, Lillipup, Lillipup..."

Patrat (forgot to nickname it, whoops)
Lvl. 2

Just my luck, right?

So, I beat up N and went to Route 2. The first Pokemon I ran into was Patrat, lvl. 5. I intended to beat it up and catch it because, well, it's the only goddamn Pokemon I can catch on this route, but that went well.

R.I.P. Patrat
Lvl. 2-Lvl. 2

So, I battled all the other Trainers and managed to keep Peppermint alive in the battle against Bianca, which I'd forgotten I had to do. I healed my Pokemon at the Striaton City Pokemon Center and headed straight for the Dreamyard, battled all the Trainers, and got to the other side, where I recieved a Pokemon from the girl with the elemental monkeys.

Lilypad (Panpour)
Lvl. 10

Then I battled Cheren because you can't challenge the Gym until you battle him.

After this, I challenged the Gym. Peppermint barely survived the first battle (darn you, Patrat and Bide) but did better in the second. When I got to the back, I took care of Chili's Lillipup with Peppermint, and switched in Lilypad to get the Pansear and my first Gym Badge.

I went back to the Dreamyard to beat up Team Plasma, and after this, I caught a Purrloin. (Not sure if Panpour counted as the Pokemon from the Dreamyard... somebody tell me??)

Evil B----
Lvl. 9

Okay, I'll update more tomorrow.

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